Radioactive Noise

by Radwall

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Bill Love it!! , it's odd and refreshing but I can't pin a style to it , progressive I guess but it's all over the place like a mad woman's shit and that's why I like it Favorite track: Graffiti Mausoleum.
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GeN2Mo After what felt like a century, finally Ryan Walls second album... and it's nothing like what I would have expected. But in the best possible way. Thoroughly off-kilter Progressive Metal permeated by a story-telling approach oozing out of almost acted vocals, dramatic melodic arcs and a hyper-conscious use of various stylistic elements from all over the genre. Carrying a thick atmosphere between deep resignation, controled aggression and a slight silver lining. Favorite track: Fission.
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released August 1, 2015

vocals - ryan wall
guitar - ryan wall
guitar - chris knight
bass - ryan wall, greg andresen on concrete and the child's room
keyboards - yury "uranium" trubnikov and ryan wall
drums - ryan wall, jack friel influenced drums on windstorm, atrophy
russian girl on spp - olga stetsenko <3

Mixed by Ryan Wall
Mastered by Max Karon


all rights reserved



Radwall San Francisco, California

i am very smart

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Track Name: Windstorm
(First explosion...)

Stuck in the reactor
Chemicals sleeping inside
Watch them wake it all up

Death into the air of the windstorm
Children into the air of the windstorm

Can't you see the misery that you've caused by being yourself?
Living in an effort to subsist and to survive
Yet you've already lost yourself to the unending process
And already given your self to the domination of competing nations conquests

Isn't it the worst that everyone you know and love, they're already exposed to the source
Condemned to a life of samples taken from the wrist
The remaining old men will turn to dust
The city will turn to stone abandoned and left alone

Can't you see what you're releasing?!
Into the air...
(Second explosion...)

Death into the air of the windstorm
Children into the air of the windstorm
Track Name: Atrophy
(Third explosion...)

In a half alive machine the toxin is released
The fumes will rise into the plume and turn you all to beasts

Stay away
I've already turned

Stay away...

Under the family's roof
Everything is fine
They celebrate with wine
The newest power lines
But something is off tonight
They celebrate in dark
with the windows open wide
Their little girl begins to cry

(Eventually she will atrophy)

Soldiers barge right in
To move them from the hive
Leave it all behind
We're all but out of time
The parents decide to stay
To await the end of wars
But the fighting is everywhere
The war is in the air

In a wartorn state
These walls will form cells
Nothing can stand up to resist this
Cascades as the new rain
Like the people scattering
Drenched in pain

Drenched in pain

In an hour endless thoughts will leave your brimming mind
Embrace this clarity to see exactly what you are
In a half alive machine the toxin was released
The fumes have spread into the plume and turned you all to beasts!

Take one last deep breath

(Where has everyone gone...)

Our surface is barren now
Everyone's gone under
At least the little one will be
Sent away
Track Name: Immolate
It's so cold in this bed...

Then she woke to the sound of children playing
Hearing them run away
Then she woke to the sound of something baying
Knowing she'd never leave the bed...

Shake me till I'm free
Change me till I'm free
Shake this sickness out of me and shake unconsciously
Shake me till I'm free
Change me till I'm free
Shake before I break out

How could this young girl live
Fostered by these stupid people
Where were her parents
Where have they gone
Mother... Father...
How could you just leave her to fade out of here

Fire forming early In an embers core
Flowing from this idle minded girl
The physics of pain drive her to learn
This yearn for love will make that fire burn

With open eyes
See yourself burn

( Through coldness
There is a faint warmth in the night
From the reactor
From home )

Then when she wakes in the night
She thinks she hears the old rail running
A call to belong amongst the stray wolves
That ignites electric impulses to get up

Fire forming early In an embers core
Flowing from this idle minded girl
The physics of pain drive her to learn
This yearn for love will make that fire burn

There isn't anyone out there
Past that blood-starved zone
You won't get far
You won't survive
You will die
Stay in bed
Stay in bed
Stay in bed
-end transmission-

But she is just a girl
Looking out the window
And she will cross the fence line

By herself!
Track Name: The Spray Paint Prince
I followed you to this glade
I thought you were another girl
I can't remember her name at all...
So why don't I tell you mine

I'm the Spray Paint Prince
Up high in the tree
Even though I'm up
I've fallen beyond what you could believe

I'm the Spray Paint Prince
In the mismatched suit
Compulsively spreading that sign on anything I can

I'm the Spray Paint Prince
Something's digging in me
Where I put my thoughts and has been for one century

I'm the Spray Paint Prince
I can't remember much
Alas I left all of my love back in the paint

And Threw all my hate
In the cans
Because I am the Prince

I find those marks that aren't mine
And I scrape them away
I leave that space so clean for a saint
A place for me

I'm not someone special
Someone so hard to understand
If you take my hand
And help me be strong
I'll show you where you need to go

I feel so numb
With the animals
All lost in our natural direction
I feel so numb
But it feels quite good!

I'm the Spray Paint Prince
Track Name: Tunnel's Rail
On this tunnel's rail
You'll fight yourself
As you're drifting from connection joints
And blowing through man made holes

Descend until you can't see your face
Descend until the light begins to fade
Descend, the only way through is north
Descend, don't get lost along the cord like I was lost

Have you seen the faces in the dark?
Eternally pursuing something they lost...
In their labyrinth they've forgotten who they are
Cast out so long ago
To fill these tombs
They find heat and stay close
Their train is gone
Down these long moaning halls

Do you hear it?

Get out of here
Let it all be the path
Let go of where you go

You're broken now
Search between this splitting halls
To know the truth

You're broken down
This unconfigured slate collapse
Caves beneath frail insight

When dawn is here
Through open cracks
Believe in your will
This is the first stop

Through fortitude
You've found a way through dust and mist
But know that this tunnel goes beyond
This rail goes far beyond
Track Name: The Child's Room
Have you seen the child's room?
It's bathed in this familiar afterglow
With a broken apartment roof
Let's see where your reflection plays

We'll see where your reflection plays

It all opens to familiar streets and stairs and were walking amongst this leftover construction
In shaded streets there was ancient peace but now
What is there left to find?

Locked doors to a place that you once called home
Around the side is a hole showing wars reform
Spotlight on the floor she's been eaten alive
Skeleton mother why did you stay behind ?

Have you seen the child's room?
It's filled with these growing sores
And that vacated child's mirror
Won't you look into it?

Can't you see?
She's not the same
Look to find
Rotten toys
Faded youth is
how she's changed
Small mind shame
Left behind

Now you've seen the child's room
And bathed in its moonlit shades
And looked in that child's mirror
And seen that girl looking back and she's someone else
She's not the same anymore
How could we believe that we are our pasts?
How fast we change without the child's room...


She's gone...

[Throat singing by the Prince]
Track Name: Ghost Machine
what will i blend into?
will it change every piece of me?
will it burn?
will it feed?
will I drown?
will I feel?

I saw you washed out on the floor with your machines
trying to reset possibilities between here, now and the spirit realm
I'll take your place where you left off
hoping the configuration is still the same
and we might be like we used to

Air into blood makes system 2 react again
with the stress of every particle I know in reverberation
I'm still in disbelief it works as it was
but I'll throw myself through any piece of machinery for you...

what will I blend into?
will I change?
will It burn?
will it eat?
will it drown
every piece of me?
will i feel?

Right now,
the only thing in my head is becoming a ghost
Right now,
the only thing that I fear is becoming a ghost
Right now,
the only thing that I need is someone else
Right now,
the only thing that I need is someone else

They harbor ghosts in parallel
one way to see the end of the world
they harbor ghosts like us
who can't bear the weight of the real

they harbor ghosts...
they harbor ghosts...


now or the outskirts of oblivion
where I might change my ways

Right now,
the only thing in my head is becoming a ghost
Right now,
the only thing that I fear is becoming a ghost
Right now,
the only thing that I need is someone else
Right now,
the only thing that in my head is becoming a ghost

...becoming a ghost...
Track Name: Fission
I've seen you
you fell in weeks ago
can you feel me too?

I feel so close to you
I feel you so much
this is the afterlife... I'm sure

I've known you
since you were so young
am I you?

Here we are behind oblivion
where the start and end is happening
this is your new home
we know you'll stay forever!

In the edge between existences
the versed image you envisioned is missing
it's with these new eyes
you see your soul ripple

this is your new name

I know you
but not of our origins

you are the only one dear
that can save me here

I feel that heartbeat through
strange distance...

and you'll feel me too!

No, she is getting farther away!

She's fallen through
don't let her fall through the different levels

through heaven through hell through purgatory
through heaven through hell
through heaven through hell through purgatory
She's in the middle of mental pathways

She's falling through layers
through thoughts and patterns
She's going too fast to catch

She's going too fast...

I feel you
I feel that heart through you
If you leave it deletes everything
two cells from one
both to die

Track Name: Graffiti Mausoleum
Part 1: Lyrics of the Survivor

Alas, another age gone by surveying these grounds
Surviving this hollow head has been my high this whole damn time
In the center there's a tomb where everyone is buried--family and strangers
And they won't respect the desecration but I must leave my mark
One final time

This pathway shows our legacy
Even in the midst of silence
There is power in the atmosphere

Part 2: Trail of Intelligence

-The mind starts to wander-

And even if the dust will settle it still won't be frozen
They'll come back to reclaim the waste
And even if the living structures bleed like humans do
They'll cut down the way to form anew
But war will return...

My mind is coming back to me
My mind is like every poor soul that lost the grip of my hand

I thought my world would return to heal itself
I thought my world would return to justify itself
That half of me would return to save me from these cycles
But at last
I'm finally here

Part 3: Desecration

I will descend
You can't stop me
You can't stop me now
I never meant to raid

In the torchlight
I can see the bones piled high
Now I won't be shy
How do I resist this spray paint
It's so anonymous
Just one disturbance

the power starts to wake

Part 4: Caving In

-The earth starts to shake-
-The puzzle pieces shift-

Spiraling back up
The surface is near
My world is falling apart
Giving up
I'll become one of the strangers anyways!

Memories on top of
Memories on top of
Memories on top of
Are leaving the wasteland
But where will they go?

Are leaving the wasteland
But where will they go?
Track Name: Concrete
Lay your liquid handprint into the settling mold
Enjoy the fleeting feeling of fame it holds
And when the imprint's overtaken by the mass
Chisel your name so it'll never change

Our new primordial soup
To pour over our feet

Our new primordial soup
To crystallize the past

Lay those slabs down as much as you want
10.000.000 tons for
10.000.000 years
And everyday well forget about yesterday and pour as much as we can

Always remember...
This land was barren till we came at the end of the day with gods right hand to wash villages away
to pour our new method down
So get out and tell the neighbors to
watch it rise!
Inhabit the sky!
Keep climbing high!
Replace the last tenants!


Please don't mill it back up
Cause I like the way this looks today
Please don't mill it back up
This must remain
Everything must remain the same!


When will it end?
There is no future for us
Between these borderlines
Never will climb over
until we unite

under one soul
one mind
one voice
one orange sky
two eyes shut

then we'll build together
then we'll build together... :)


Watch It RISE!